Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Picture This Photography Kingston

In August I got the opportunity to interview for a job with a local photography studio.  I was pretty excited because it's one of the sides of photography I don't have a lot of experience with yet.

Luckily Mike liked me and I was added to his "school picture" roster. I worked with them for two months, then I got hired on at the Kingston This Week.

After the training it was on to the schools, with high schools first and then on to the elementary.  It was hard work to get an entire school photographed in one day (sometimes two) but it was an awesome experience.

The team of coordinators, photographers and 'upstairs' staff was a blast to work with and we kept each other laughing through some very hard days.

Learning how to set up the gear
Each photographer has their own set of gear

This is one way I helped deal with standing on my feet all day
(Don't tell Kristy) but this big guy was crawling around
Gotta love fire drills

The colours are changing

Three stations in a row

Pack up for overnight storage for day two at one of the schools
Set up for kindergarten class photo
An easy way to get the little ones to look in the right place and smile
My last day - the gear looks so lonely

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