Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fan Expo Canada 2014 - 4 Days in Toronto (Part 2 of 2)

I tried to keep it short but that's hard to do when I had so much fun over the entire experience.

Saturday was SOOOO jammed packed with panels, photo ops and people. We didn't end up making it over to the south building (the main exhibition floor) at all because they closed the bridge a few times due to the amount of people. Sarah and I both got giddy seeing Nathan Fillion and the Murdock Mysteries cast. In most cases we ended up waiting in line at least an hour prior to each panel (sitting along the walls). Sarah had two photo ops (Walking Dead and Nathan Fillion) so I went to the Lost Girl panel.  Then we hung around for the first half of the masquerade. I love Gord Rose (and that he loves his job) and Holly (and of course Rabbit Stew). Sarah treated me to dinner at LoneStar and then home to rest.

She made her costume out of chocolate
The war doctor

Blue screen of death

Sunday was the Walking Dead panel (for Sarah) and photo op with Patrick Stewart for me. Then we saw Elijah Wood.  The four days went by really quickly but I'm glad we did pre-planning, because let us get to more things in the time we had. I'm also really glad I changed by train ticket home from Sunday to Monday.  It meant that Sarah and I weren't rushed at the end of the convention and we got the change to wind down and reflect.

The trip home was an express, so no stops between Union Station and Kingston.
I ended up spending more on by tickets and transportation than last year but it was so worth it for the convenience and peace of mind.


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