Monday, 4 March 2013

Staff Class No. 3 & 4

Here's how staff class works... we show up in the studio at 8am on Tuesday morning and Frank gives us our assignment.  We each have to find someone that fits the assignment, photography them, do a basic interview, edit the images, write the caption and have the final print on the studio wall by 1pm.

Then the class votes on the strongest prints and the winner gets a bag of groceries.  I haven't had an image voted on yet.... but there is still hope :)

Assignments completed so far:
1 - Local Business owner
2 - Pet Owner
3 - New Canadian
4 - Long-term Friends

Four assignments down... one to go (plus the Notable Canadian assignment).

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (05/02/2013) – Buta Singh, 20, is looking forward to graduating from the Loyalist College two-year accounting program this August.  Singh moved to Belleville from India in 2011 and wants to stay.  “Canada is the best, it has more human rights and you can make good money.”  Photo by Julia McKay
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (19/02/2013) – Audrey Smith and Sue McIsaac have known each other since 1977, when their husbands were stationed at CFB Kingston at the same time. “I just love her big heart and she's a hugger,” said McIsaac of Smith.  “People you meet when in the military become a part of your family.”  Photo by Julia McKay
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (19/02/2013) – Audrey Smith and Sue McIsaac enjoy spending time together bowling and playing a variety of card games.  They met in 1977 when their husband got stationed to CFB Kingston.  Even though they both moved away, they made a point to stay in contact and both eventually moved to Napanee.  Photo by Julia McKay


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