Monday 2 January 2012

Photojournalism Year One - Fall Portfolio

Here is what my Fall 2011 portfolio looks like:

KEMPTVILLE, Ont. (21/05/2011) -- Lisa Wilberforce and her six-month old daughter, Briyanna enjoy listening to her husband John play live music with his band The Campfire Boys. The family spent the evening at the Victoria Day weekend event at Salamanders Restaurant in Kemptville. Due to her age Briyanna's parents have decided to use hearing protection when listening to live music. Photo by Julia McKay
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/16/2011) – Phil Howlett drives from the 10th hole at the 13th Annual Loyalist College Golf Tournament on Friday, September 7th, 2011. The event was held at the Bay of Quinte Golf & Country Club and was in support of the Endowment Fund providing financial assistance to Loyalist College students. As a member of the Wayne Howlett Foursome he displayed his Scottish pride dressed in kilts with sgian dubh (black knife) in the top of his hose. Photo by Julia McKay
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/11/2011) – Moira Forrester has many roles in the Belleville Theatre Guild’s current production of, Little Women. Her roles range from set painter, props procurer and the show’s director. The cast and crew are currently in the fifth week of their eight-week rehearsal schedule. The show opens on Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. at the Pinnacle Playhouse. Photo by Julia McKay
BROCKVILLE, Ont. (02/10/2011) – Lisa Wilberforce of Oxford Station, and her ten-month-old daughter Briyanna enjoy the park trails under the train track bridge in Brock Street Park. Briyanna has just started walking on her own, and was experiencing the crunch of the fall leaves under her feet. Photo by Julia McKay
KINGSTON, Ont. (11/09/2011) – Two enthusiastic young volunteers try to walk in the jacket from the K9 bite suit that was used in the Kingston Police K9 unit demonstration. The Kingston Humane Society held its 13th Annual ‘Big Paws at the Point’ fundraiser at Lemoine Point Conservation Area on Sunday, which included a demonstration from the Kingston Police K9 unit, a silent auction, doggie art, pet games and a pledge walk lead by Mayor Mark Gerretsen. Photo by Julia McKay
KINGSTON, Ont. (16/07/2011) – An artist from You-Name-It Face & Body Art draws a beautiful flower on the face of a young girl at the 2011 Kingston Buskers Festival. Held in downtown Kingston from July 12th to the 15th, the festival is a venue for local and international buskers to perform. With clowns, jugglers, fire artists, musicians, acrobats, unicyclists and face and sidewalk artists the festival is a great full family event. Photo by Julia McKay