Friday 14 April 2017

Dixie Chicks in Ottawa - April 14, 2017

My cousin Sarah and I got to go to the Dixie Chicks concert in Ottawa.  This is one of the groups on my bucket list so was thrilled to see that they were coming to Canada.

I got to spend the next day with Sarah bumming around downtown Ottawa, like a tourist, after dropping off my macbook to get repaired.  It was an awesome weekend.


Saturday 1 April 2017

365 - April 2017

April starts with a joke, throws in a good Friday for good measure and ends, hopefully, with a good start into summer.

Things to look forward to in April:
- Easter with the family
- Planning my trip to Calgary and NFLD, along with some camping.
- Helping clean up the local Girl Guides camp to get ready for summer
- My favourite 12-year-old's birthday party
- Hopefully getting a better handle on my sleep routine
- Spark-a-palooza in Ottawa
- and so much more.....

April 1, 2017 - An awesome gift to start off April, thanks Mom
April 2, 2017 - Sunny skies and warmer temperatures, high of 13oC, draw many people to the great outdoors to go for a walk, bike ride and more along the newly renovated K&P Trail pathway along Kingston's Inner Harbour 
*EXTRA* April 2, 2017 - The 20 annual Kids for Kids Hockey Tournament saw 172 teams, including the bantam Brockville Jr Braves and Kingston Queen's Engineering seen here on the Fine Line rink at the Invest Centre, compete at seven different local rinks over the first weekend in April to benefit the NeoNatal Unit at Kingston General Hospital, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingston and Children's Cancer Fund (Kingston Regional Cancer Centre) 
*EXTRA* April 2, 2017 - fallen inuksuk in the front garden, from the hard winter
April 3, 2017 - the boy likes to play fetch
April 4, 2017 - Kingston Frontenacs celebrate after Linus Nyman gets series winning goal past Hamilton Bulldogs goaltender Dawson Carty, during the first overtime period of Game 7 of the Ontario Hockey League Eastern Conference quarter final action at the Rogers K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Ont. on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. The overtime win means the Fronts will move on to face the Peterborough Petes in the semi-finals
April 5, 2017 - resting peet
April 6, 2017 - Teacher Virginia Puddicombe, left, with a few of the Grade 9 through 12 students members in the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Kingston 
*EXTRA* April 6, 2017 - New program with Guides/Pathfinders
April 7, 2017 - the boy likes hiding in blankets 
April 8, 2017 - Cookie Day at Sears
*EXTRA* April 8, 2017 - big flag in Joyceville
April 9, 2017 - snack time
April 10, 2017 - Melrose playing in the tub, again
*EXTRA* April 10, 2017 - macro of tree seed
April 11, 2017 - Home Depot workshop - rain gages - with the Girl Guides
April 12, 2017 - moon through the trees
April 13, 2017 - Easter treats
*EXTRA* April 13, 2017 - hand-made felt chick
April 14, 2017 - Dixie Chicks MMXVI concert in Ottawa
*EXTRA* April 14, 2017 - Dixie Chicks MMXVI concert in Ottawa
April 15, 2017 - Playing on the lawn of Parliament in Ottawa
April 16, 2017 - Rainy afternoon in Almonte
*EXTRA* April 16, 2017 - I didn't know snails could climb branches
April 17, 2017 - they tolerate each other at times
April 18, 2017 - Easter treat
*EXTRA* April 18, 2017 - playing or fighting, I'm never 100% sure
April 19, 2017 - raindrops on windowpanes
April 20, 2017 - taking down a tall one by work
April 21, 2017 - Volunteers gather for a photo to celebrate the start of the 9th annual Devon Cobb Spring Food Drive collection in Auden Park, in support of the Partners in Mission Food Bank in Kingston, Ont. on Friday April 21, 2017. Cobb, front right, with her father Sterling, run a number of food and toy drives throughout the year to help her community.
*EXTRA* April 21, 2017 - making shirts for some Sparks friends
*EXTRA* April 21, 2017 - Who's winning the dogsled race
*EXTRA* April 21, 2017 - Happy Birthday Tracy
April 22, 2017 - S'more treat at Spark-aplooza
*EXTRA* April 22, 2017 - Sparks working together to build paper airplanes
*EXTRA* April 22, 2017 - Sparks testing out their paper airplanes
April 23, 2017 - Someone missed me this weekend
April 24, 2017 - Spring is starting to make an appearance
April 25, 2017 - macro of a seed on my window
April 26, 2017 - Mom's tulips
*EXTRA* April 26, 2017 - Driving into the sunset
April 26, 3017 - Students in Mr. Coulter's Grade 7/8 class at St. Martha Catholic School present Kingston Humane Society volunteer event coordinator Tanya Wilson with a cheque for $1021.20 that the class raised for their almsgiving project
*EXTRA* April 26, 3017 - Artist Maureen Walton poses for a photo with students Madison Pople, front left, Noah Douglas and Avery Marcella in front of the Mother Teresa Catholic Schools new mural depicting the life of the schools namesake, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, painted with the help of the students.
April 27, 3017 - Helped this little guy cross a 4-lane road, on my way to my pathfinder meeting
April 28, 3017 - possible swap idea for Canada 150 themed camp
April 29, 3017 - Red trillium at Camp Carruthers
*EXTRA* April 29, 3017 - Lots of bugs down by the water
April 30, 3017 - Taking a walk through of Bon Echo camp, with other guide leaders, in advance of the big bridging camping this summer
*EXTRA* April 30, 3017 - Taking a walk through of Bon Echo camp, with other guide leaders, in advance of the big bridging camping this summer
*EXTRA* April 30, 3017 - Taking a walk through of Bon Echo camp, with other guide leaders, in advance of the big bridging camping this summer

to be continued in 365 - May 2017