Thursday 1 November 2018

365 - November 2018

It's getting darker, colder and feels like time for hibernation 

Things to look forward to this month:

– Family Birthdays
– Organizing my first Girl Guide cookie booth
– New haircut
– Remembrance Day
– Visit from Mel
– Learning about Camp X
– and more...

November 01, 2018 – With the spin of a few the smile cookies, and the help from a number of former Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patients, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation announces this years total of $108,391 raised through the selling of smile cookies thru the local Tim Horton's, at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s, (KHSC) KGH site in Kingston
*EXTRA* November 01, 2018 – What do hard hats, decks of cards, gambling dice and a hammer and nails all have in common?  They're all needed to help make the Sci Formal "Casino Royale" at Grant Hall at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., this Saturday a solid bet. The annual engineering formal is designed and built entirely by the students, with all their hard work on display for the public on Saturday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m., with admission by donation, all going to the United Way.  And, although Grant Hall may look like a construction zone as of Thursday,November 1, 2018, the last years worth of work for these students will be transformed into a night to remember.
*EXTRA* November 01, 2018 – A smiling treat
November 01, 2018 – A neat way to collect dues with one of the local sparks unit
November 02, 2018 – Plastic canvas and plastic thread craft
November 03, 2018 – Guider enrichment in Newmarket
*EXTRA* November 03, 2018 – STEAM crafts and activities in Newmarket
November 04, 2018 – I don't know where she found a mini feather
November 05, 2018 – stitching poppies
November 06, 2018 – Homeward Bound Brockville (HBB) program manager Loretta Corbert answers some questions from one of the five Advertising and Marketing Communication student groups who are participating in the AMC Social Hackathon, in the Innovation Hub at St. Lawrence College – Kingston campus on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. The students are brainstorming ways to build a campaign to help fundraise for the HBB scholarships. 
*EXTRA* November 06, 2018 – New addition to a wall near the Kingston Centre
November 07, 2018 – He's gotten so tall
*EXTRA* November 07, 2018 – Hugs from Bella
November 08, 2018 – leave shadow pattern on the sidewalk
*EXTRA* November 08, 2018 – Remembrance Day spark enrolment
November 09, 2018 – Red sky in the morning, sailors take a warning
*EXTRA* November 09, 2018 – Emily Pacheco, Grade 13 student at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, poses in her Crusader football jersey with her helmet in Kingston, Ont. on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, just a few days before her team repeated winning the Kingston Area Secondary Schools Athletic Association senior boys football finals at Richardson Stadium
*EXTRA* November 09, 2018 – frosted pile of leaves
November 10, 2018 – Leaders looking after the girls as they sell cookies at the local Metro
November 11, 2018 – Remembrance Day
*EXTRA* November 11, 2018 – The honour guard stays at attention for the Royal Canadian Legion, Cpt. Matthew J. Dawe Memorial Branch 631 Remembrance Day service at the cenotaph in WC Warnica Memorial Park, in Collins Bay, Ont. on Sunday, November 11
*EXTRA* November 11, 2018 – Rainbow unicorn santa poo?
November 12, 2018 – two cats in one shot
November 13, 2018 – Panorama of our girls dressed up in our Harry Potter themed enrolment
*EXTRA* November 13, 2018 – I like the new paper straws from A&W
November 14, 2018 – Holding the first two 2018 Pewter Collectibles, Michele Langlois, general manager & director of marketing and Jan MacDonald, senior projects manager, marketing with Downtown Kingston, are excited with the five Kingston area themed ornaments being released over the next five weeks
November 15, 2018 – And now the snow
November 16, 2018 – Melrose hiding out under the blankets
*EXTRA* November 16, 2018 – rolling around on the kitchen floor
*EXTRA* November 16, 2018 – playing in the kitchen
November 17, 2018 – Melrose just hanging out on one of the top parts of his cat tree
November 18, 2018 – Bella resting on my lap
*EXTRA* November 18, 2018 – new pillows helped me feel a bit better while dealing with a migraine
November 19, 2018 – Orrin in the kitchen watching Mel during a family visit
November 20, 2018 – Ki taking her spot on the couch during a family visit
November 21, 2018 – With Mel and the pups visiting, the kitties get relegated to the downstairs so my living room is now their kitchen
*EXTRA* November 21, 2018 – Love how his tough curls back on itself
*EXTRA* November 21, 2018 – Going to the movies with Mel
*EXTRA* November 21, 2018 – sweet, salty and chocolatey snacks at the movie
*EXTRA* November 21, 2018 – Harry Potter with Mel
November 22, 2018 – Got some swag from the college :D 
*EXTRA* November 22, 2018 – One of my fav holiday treats - chocolate mint M&M's
November 23, 2018 – The double gymnasium at St. Lawrence College in the new Student Life and Innovation Centre seed during the grand opening
*EXTRA* November 23, 2018 – Glenn Vollebregt, president and CEO of St. Lawrence College, poses for a photo in the new Student Life and Innovation Centre during the grand opening
November 24, 2018 – Pattern from my outgoing mattress
November 25, 2018 – Testing out new mattresses
*EXTRA* November 25, 2018 – Testing out new mattresses
November 26, 2018 – My shadow has a shadow
*EXTRA* November 26, 2018 – I'm a card shark :D 
November 27, 2018 – snow covered branches
*EXTRA* November 27, 2018 – a group photo (half of the girls) during a visit to the Military Communications Museum
November 28, 2018 – Saying goodbye to a friend
November 29, 2018 – Visit to the Kingston Humane Society with the 3rd Meadowbrook Sparks to give the kitties new blankets and toys
*EXTRA* November 29, 2018 – Visit to the Kingston Humane Society with the 3rd Meadowbrook Sparks
November 30, 2018 – St. Martha's Catholic School Grade-5 students, Addison Russell and Kian Watters, spend part of their PA Day helping deliver customized StopGap ramps that their school help fundraiser, to businesses in downtown Kingston, Ont. on Friday, November 30, 2018.  The portable ramps help make businesses with a step at its entrance, accessible to all customers. This round of 10 ramps were constructed by Reddens Renovation & Contracting with the next group set to be built by students from Ernesttown Secondary School. 
*EXTRA* November 30, 2018 – Some glass mosaics and other crafts created during a crafting retreat weekend (mine is the turtle)
*EXTRA* November 30, 2018 – Creating a glass mosaic during a crafting retreat weekend

to be continued in 365 - December 2018