Thursday 29 December 2016

2016 Photos of the Year - Personal

I've had a great visual year so I decided to include a personal Photos of the Year (POY).  It was difficult to narrow it down to 40 images.  I've put them in chronological order.

NOTE: I've specifically left out any photo that is already on my work POY


2016 Photos of the Year for Work


See all 25 pics on TheWhig website link above.


Saturday 24 December 2016

Lumina Borealis at Fort Henry

I've been waiting to go to this since mid-November when I did the story about the new event.  It was so worth the cold night, with the real falling snow just adding to the wintery festival feeling. The fort was transformed through the use of projections, music and old-fashioned holiday spirit.

Some of us met early at the fort to have supper in the restaurant on site before meeting with the rest of the group around 9pm.  We spent over an hour wandering through the 6 interactive sections: Frost Facade, Iceburg Alley, Sleeping Woods, Fireteller, Singing Aurora, and Frozzonator, all the while enjoying meeting a number of creatures along the way.

It was completely worth the admission and I'm looking forward to going at least once more before it closes in February.