Wednesday 28 August 2013

Fan Expo Canada 2013 (August 22 - 25) - part two

Saturday (August 24th)
I was on my own on today (Sarah would be joining me again on Sunday).
I spent the day at a few panels (LOVE Gina Torres, Zachary Quinto), saw a Mahna Mahna, had my photo op with NATHAN FILLION!!!!!!, waiting around for the 501st to do their walk and wait for them to set up for the group photo, shot a lot of cosplayers and ended the day with the Masquerade (Love Gordon and Holly) and walked back to the apartment.

Sunday (25th)
Mom and I checked out of the apartment and parked the car under the convention centre.
Mom hung out with Joy while Sarah and I got to spend the day together.
Sarah and I had a deal - I'd go to the Walking Dead panel and she'd hang around after for the Nathan Fillion panel for me.  Now she's a big Nathan fan.
I still don't do zombies.
We did the Pepsi challenge (we both chose Coke).
The drive home was uneventful but both mom and I were glad to be home.
Can't wait till next year - Sarah is gonna do the whole thing with me :)



Fan Expo Canada 2013 (August 22 - 25) - part one

Thursday (August 22nd)
Mom and I drove to the Glengrove at Maple Leaf and checked in to our 'apartment'. It was really cool because we had our own kitchen so could bring food instead of eating out the whole weekend.  Plus our apartment was on the same floor as the roof top patio so mom could either stay in the air conditioned room or go outside for some fresh air just down the hall.

We were both pretty tired after the long drive (sometimes through major rain) so other than picking up my entry pass and taking a cursory look around we mostly just crashed at the apt.

Friday (August 23rd)
I headed off to the convention around 9:30am.  Its a few block walk - Sarah met up with me there.
We went to the Richard Dean Anderson panel (almost didn't recognize him but his voice gave him away), saw some really cool costumes and the cast of Orphan Black signing autographs.  It was mostly a day to wander around and check out prices and exhibits.

Artist Robert Luedke - Sarah bought a few posters

The cutest dalek ever
Sisters dressed up as my little ponies

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