Thursday 31 January 2013

The Pioneer - Week Two

This week's shift on the Pioneer was fun, challenging and kinda dramatic.  Our editor had to step down mid week due to a car accident (thankfully no one was hurt) so we were a bit short-handed.  It was great to see our section came together to support her and still put out a great edition.

I covered a wide range of topics this week.  And did a LOT of driving to Belleville in bad weather.  Snow, ice, rain, high winds and freezing fog (I didn't even know that was possible) all over five days. 

For the Tuesday edition I shot the Belleville Bulls home game against the London Knights and the Blue Rodeo concert.  I'd shot OHL hockey before but it was my first experience as media at a rock concert.

For the Thursday edition I covered local spot news (a minor car accident which didn't make it into the edition) and the dog drowning sentencing hearing in Napanee.  This was my first time in a courtroom.

I also got the opportunity to draw the cartoon this week for the editorial page. 

I found it weird to try and switch gears from the hockey to music to court but it can be a big of a high, especially when you throw some last minute spot news in the mix.

I can't wait for next week.

Pioneer Edition - Jan 29th, 2013

Pioneer Edition - Jan 31st, 2013


Monday 28 January 2013

NPAC Spotlight

So cool.

At a classmates suggestion I submitted my car fire photo to NPAC (News Photographers Association of Canada), and for which I am a member, under their spotlight feature and I just got word today that it's on the front of their website.

So cool.


Tuesday 22 January 2013

Staff Class No. 1 & 2

Here's how staff class works... we show up in the studio at 8am on Tuesday morning and Frank gives us our assignment.  We each have to find someone that fits the assignment, photography them, do a basic interview, edit the images, write the caption and have the final print on the studio wall by 1pm.

We don't know which assignment we'll be getting until Frank gives it to us.  AND because some of us aren't from the area we really need to be resourceful.  Making contact lists of friends/family and previous story/assignment subjects really helps.

Two assignments down... three to go.

Assignment #1 - Local Business Owner
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (08/02/2013) – Runway Bridal owner Brooke Miller loves everything about her business.  In 2012 the Loyalist College grad saw the opportunity to work for herself by taking ownership of the local bridal store.  “Every bride is different,” she says.  Photo by Julia McKay

Assignment #2 - Pet Owner
DESERONTO, Ont. (22/01/2013) – Wihse Green, from Tyendinaga, has 15 pet chickens that he calls “his girls.”  “They give me great joy when I hear them calling for me as I get ready to feed them.”  Photo by Julia McKay

Thursday 17 January 2013

Spot News - EB 401 near Gardiners Rd

OK - really?

So, I kinda thought Monday's spot news was just really good luck but I, once again, hung around the newsroom at school a bit later than normal, which put me in the right place at the right time to get the tweet about a vehicle fire on the 401 a few exits ahead of where I was, driving home.

This was my first major highway spot news so I was a bit nervous, but once I saw a few other cars had pulled past the scene and were parked near the ditch with their 4-ways on I just followed suit.  I parked, switched to my long lens, grabbed my purse (forgot my mitts) and grabbed my reflective vest from the trunk.

There was an off duty OPP constable waiting by one of the cars - she told me that the driver and her passenger were both ok (thank god) and were waiting in her car for the fire trucks.  

I didn't realize how cold it was until my fingertips started to hurt.  I luckily had my big gloves in my coat pocket but forgot my under gloves in the car - the big gloves have flip fingers for the index and thumb so when I'm shooting I can feel the camera controls.

While I was waiting for the on-duty constable to come back to speak with me I contacted the local daily paper to let them know I was on scene.  I have since sent them three images (1st, 3rd and 4th). 

I'm kinda proud of the images I produced from this - with the cold, my nerves and standing on the 401 with cars whipping past I was able to stay calm and shoot for the moment.


Wednesday 16 January 2013

Spot News - Sydenham Street House Fire

After a full day at school (Loyalist College in Belleville) on Monday (Jan 14th) I randomly decided to stay a bit later, to hang out with a classmate.

On my way home I got word that there was a house fire downtown Kingston.  I was in Shannonville at this point.  I figured that it would be out by the time I got there but decided to just go and see anyway.

And here is what just going with the flow can get you:

January 14, 2013 - Sydenham Street House Fire


Tuesday 15 January 2013

POM (Photo of the Month) - November 2012

My multiple picture story on the Napanee & District Curling clubs Wednesday Night Ladies League came in 1st place.  Please see the link below.

I now have 175 points in the standings.... I'm in 5th place overall.

POM - November 2012 

Reuters News Pictures Editor, North America Thomas Szlukovenyi was the judge for the November submissions to the POM contest. 


Tuesday 1 January 2013

365 - January 2013

Happy New Year

Jan 1, 2013 - Happy New Year
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Jan 4, 2013 - No. 8 of 9
Jan 5, 2013 - Quality Street twists
Jan 6, 2013 - Late xmas present
Jan 7, 2013 - early morning window
Jan 8, 2013 - staff class assignment #1
Jan 9, 2013 - a touch of frost
Jan 10, 2013 - blue sky at night
Jan 11, 2013 - same tree next day
Jan 11, 2013 - couldn't choose between the two tree pictures of the day
Jan 12, 2013 - when the sun gets in your eyes
Jan 13, 2013 - Rainy winter night
Jan 14, 2013 - Library through the trees
Jan 14, 2013 - Spot News - House fire downtown Kingston
Jan 15, 2013 - Hot Dogg (everyone needs to check out the NFL Bad Lip Sync)
Jan 16, 2013 - Page Two spot news
Jan 17, 2013 - 401 Car Fire
Jan 18, 2013 - Fire, light and snow
Jan 19, 2013 - Round warmth
Jan 20, 2013 - Brunch with visiting family
Jan 21, 2013 - Looking up
Jan 22, 2013 - Overnight visitors
Jan 23, 2013 - the lineup
Jan 24, 2013 - Early morning over medium security
Jan 25, 2013 - Flooding the rink
Jan 26, 2013 - Bulls beat Knights 3-1 at Yardmen Areana
Jan 27, 2013 - Blue Rodeo in Belleville
Jan 28, 2013 - Freezing rain on branches on my way home
Jan 29, 2013 - laptop and desktop
Jan 30, 2013 - rain after ice reflected in the window
Jan 31, 2013 - "Play with me" at 1am

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