Thursday 31 January 2013

The Pioneer - Week Two

This week's shift on the Pioneer was fun, challenging and kinda dramatic.  Our editor had to step down mid week due to a car accident (thankfully no one was hurt) so we were a bit short-handed.  It was great to see our section came together to support her and still put out a great edition.

I covered a wide range of topics this week.  And did a LOT of driving to Belleville in bad weather.  Snow, ice, rain, high winds and freezing fog (I didn't even know that was possible) all over five days. 

For the Tuesday edition I shot the Belleville Bulls home game against the London Knights and the Blue Rodeo concert.  I'd shot OHL hockey before but it was my first experience as media at a rock concert.

For the Thursday edition I covered local spot news (a minor car accident which didn't make it into the edition) and the dog drowning sentencing hearing in Napanee.  This was my first time in a courtroom.

I also got the opportunity to draw the cartoon this week for the editorial page. 

I found it weird to try and switch gears from the hockey to music to court but it can be a big of a high, especially when you throw some last minute spot news in the mix.

I can't wait for next week.

Pioneer Edition - Jan 29th, 2013

Pioneer Edition - Jan 31st, 2013


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