Sunday 21 October 2012

The Governor General of Canada's Visit to Kingston

I got the opportunity to photography the Governor General during his visit to Kingston last weekend (Sat, Oct 13, 2012).  It was very surreal but I found myself hanging back.  I ended up using this event for my Shooting Your Weakness assignment at school.  I need to be able to just get in there, not hang back and possibly miss a great shot.


Friday 5 October 2012

Sense of Belonging

Our first big documentary project this semester was "Sense of Belonging".  We needed to find and shoot five individual subjects who belong to the same group.  Then we were to ask each of them a questions.

After some unsuccessful attempts I went to the RMC 1st year Obstacle course and followed one team of first year officer cadets (9 Squadron Warriors) through the course.  I was amazed at the strength, commitment and teamwork it took to just keep going. 

My questions to them was: How did you feel when the entire obstacle course was done?

KINGSTON, Ont. (28/09/2012) – First-year RMC Officer Cadet Sarah Kelly, 20, 9 Squadron. 
"When the entire obstacle course was finished I felt so happy and accomplished. I never would have been able to finish something like that without the tough workouts from our staff and support of Warrior Flight."  Photo by Julia McKay

KINGSTON, Ont. (28/09/2012) -- First-year RMC Officer Cadet Cody Pogue, 23, 9 Squadron.   "All my exhaustion just kind of disappeared when the obstacle course ended because I was so exhausted and proud of our flight for finishing.  It just felt great to know that fyop was over and that we had made it through as a team."   Photo by Julia McKay
KINGSTON, Ont. (28/09/2012) -- First-year RMC Officer Cadet Matthias Bowles, 20, 9 Squadron.  “After we finished the obstacle course, it took a little while for the adrenaline to settle down. You still have that rush going on, and so it was hard to relax. But once it did, oh man! I just wanted to sit down and laugh." Photo by Julia McKay
KINGSTON, Ont. (28/09/2012) -- First-year RMC Officer Cadet Kyra Smith, 19, 9 Squadron.   "When I realized we had finished our last obstacle, I got a burst of energy. Even after pushing through all those obstacles, the sprint back to the bell was the easiest. There was so much morale in the air, my team was all smiles, everyone hugging each other."  Photo by Julia McKay
KINGSTON, Ont. (28/09/2012) -- First-year RMC Officer Cadet Illia Poplawski, 18, 9 Squadron.   "When the obstacle course was over I felt amazing and had one of the best feelings of accomplishment I have ever had in my life because 2 months ago I would have never been able to finish the course.  The fact that we got everyone in our flight through it made the experience so much more rewarding."  Photo by Julia McKay


Hard work pays off

After two weeks of hard work, tons of shooting and little sleep, I'm seeing the payoff:

Frontenac This Week - Public Works Open House

My Orange Weekend

My weekend seemed to take on the theme of orange.  From RMC 9-Squardon warriors to South Frontenac works to Kingston Chillifest, if I wanted to shoot them they were wearing orange.

9 Squadron first year cadets competing in the obstacle course

 South Frontenac Public Works

Hospice Kingston ChiliFest Volunteer

My Pioneer Shift

With the help of my amazing co-editor, Evan Campbell, we got a 3 page edition of the Pioneer out Wednesday.  Four stories and a photo page.

The Pioneer - October 3rd edition