Wednesday 28 August 2013

Fan Expo Canada 2013 (August 22 - 25) - part two

Saturday (August 24th)
I was on my own on today (Sarah would be joining me again on Sunday).
I spent the day at a few panels (LOVE Gina Torres, Zachary Quinto), saw a Mahna Mahna, had my photo op with NATHAN FILLION!!!!!!, waiting around for the 501st to do their walk and wait for them to set up for the group photo, shot a lot of cosplayers and ended the day with the Masquerade (Love Gordon and Holly) and walked back to the apartment.

Sunday (25th)
Mom and I checked out of the apartment and parked the car under the convention centre.
Mom hung out with Joy while Sarah and I got to spend the day together.
Sarah and I had a deal - I'd go to the Walking Dead panel and she'd hang around after for the Nathan Fillion panel for me.  Now she's a big Nathan fan.
I still don't do zombies.
We did the Pepsi challenge (we both chose Coke).
The drive home was uneventful but both mom and I were glad to be home.
Can't wait till next year - Sarah is gonna do the whole thing with me :)



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