Wednesday 7 November 2012

Advisory Board Fall 2012

Twice a year members of our programs advisory board stops by for the day to chat, see our work and share real world experience with us.

This was my 3rd advisory board since starting the program and I was excited.  I'm the 2nd year rep (no one else put their name in the hat) so got to sit in on the morning meeting and share with the advisors how the 2nd years were doing.

The day progress quickly.  Fifteen advisor were able to come this session.  The agenda for the day was broken down into the morning meeting, portfolio with students, lunch, bearpit session, 2nd portfolio with students, then dinner.

Each student signed up to meet with two advisors and by the afternoon things were moving so smoothly some of us got to speak with a fifth advisor.

The day is all about showing our work, getting feedback and being seen by possible employers and mentors. 

I showed my portfolio to:

Luke Hendry - Belleville Intelligencer
Doug Wiken - Photojournalism professor
Ian MacAlpine - Kingston Whig-Standard
Lesley Sparks - Documentary
Graeme Roy - Canadian Press
Jim Wilkes - retired from 36 years with the Toronto Star

In general, they reinforced my idea that I can do community news and see "the moments" and gave me helpful suggestions on ways to improve my shooting and how I edit.

I'm now looking forward to the spring meeting.

Oh, and dinner at Montanas was fun too :)

Dinner at Montana's with advisors and teachers.  Photo by Alicia Wynter

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