Saturday 16 February 2013

The Pioneer - Week Three

This week I was assigned as Editor.

My week turned out to be filled with a variety of storms... snow storms, freezing rain storms and finally ending with the Justin Trudeau storm that blew through Loyalist last Thursday.

I enjoyed being editor.  It's a lot like being a stage manager.  You get to be hyper organized and to know what everyone is working on, what their progress is and offer advice or suggestions when asked.  I found this week particularly fun and challenging at the same time.

As one of the editors (there is also a photo editor and multimedia editor) I was tasked with writing an editorial on a subject of my choosing.  I chose to editorialize about extracurricular activities in Ontario schools. 

Overall I feel that my section accomplished a lot over the week and I'm very proud of them.  But... next week, I am looking forward to working on my own assignments and getting back into the field.

I've included copies and links below to editions through the QNet news website.

Please see full editions below:

Pioneer Edition - Feb 12th, 2013
 Pioneer Edition - Feb 14th, 2013


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