Saturday, 8 June 2013

Graduation Day - June 7, 2013

*** UPDATE*** I won a Loyalist College Photojournalism Program Faculty Awards of Excellence - The Paul Henry Memorial Award recognizes a commitment to news coverage, particularly breaking spot news. Loyalistphotojournalismblog



It's done, which is kinda sad, but I'm an official two time college graduate.  It was great to see all the 2013 photoj grads and the teachers.  I was happy to see that so many of us were able to attend (only missing 6 out of the 24 grads) but gonna miss everyone a lot starting tomorrow.

At the ceremony I found out that I won a faculty award so I am an award winning photojournalist (that's sooo cool).

Here are a few shots from the big day (I tried to make sure I've given photo credit where it was due).
Surprise from my best friends
Waiting in the hallways before the ceremony (photo by Sandra Kielback)
before the ceremony (photo by Alicia Wynter)
It was very warm in that hallway
Turns out my diploma wasn't in the folder lol (photo by my dad)
It's all official and I made the Dean's List
Most of the graduating class + Jazzy (photo by Alicia Wynter's family)
Hoping to get copies of the official group shot and other candid shots from the rest of the gang soon.  I'll update with more photos I receive them.

The Loyalist Photojournalism class of 2013
(absent: Gail, Justin, Tom, Nam, Tijana, Jeff and Patrick) Photo by Christopher King
**UPDATE** June 14, 2013 
Receiving my diploma folder (Photo by Marilyn Warren)

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