Saturday 28 February 2015

Orlando Vacation 2015

This vacation was filled with a lot of firsts for me:

The first time flying by myself
The first time traveling to Florida
and my first vacation with the Miller clan.

It turns out that one week is really not long enough for a Florida vacation.

DAY 1 - Flying out from Montreal, an hour late due to a frozen fuel hatch, heading to Orlando
DAY 2 - My first morning with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
DAY 2 - The resort pool with palm trees - I loved the blues
DAY 2 - Chocolate Kingdom
DAY 2 - Chocolate Kingdom - tasting cocoa liquor, except Bee who got milk chocolate.  My stick is the one in the middle.
DAY 2 - Chocolate Kingdom - making custom 1lb chocolate bars with your choice of 16 different toppings
DAY 2 - Chocolate Kingdom - making custom 1lb chocolate bars with your choice of 16 different toppings
On Day 3 we went to Sea World. About half way through the day I had to switch out a full memory card and discovered later in the day that it fell out a new hole in my waist bag. So, I lost all my morning photos including the flamingos, stingrays and part of the backstage tour.  Here are some of the remaining shots I was able to come home with:

DAY 3 - After the show that included birds, acrobats, dolphins and whales
DAY 3 - So peaceful
DAY 3 - Penguins
DAY 3 -Taking pics
DAY 3 - Pretty feathers
DAY 3 - Rescued tortoises
DAY 3 - As part of the backstage tour we got to meet and pet Ki the penguin. Ki hasn't connected with a mate yet so according to the keeper it's all drama, drama, drama.
DAY 3 - getting to pet Ki
DAY 4 - my new favourite mug
DAY 4 - new pj's
DAY 5 - Magic Kingdom
DAY 5 - outside Cinderella's castle
DAY 5 - Waiting in line to see Belle
DAY 5 - Meeting Ariel
DAY 5 - Meeting the Stepmother and stepsisters - Bee made a point to tell the sisters to be nicer
DAY 5 - Bee getting her hair, nails and makeup done by her fairy godmothers and the Bibby-bobbity-boutique
DAY 5 - Princess Bee
DAY 5 -Yummy Dole Whip was a great treat
DAY 5 - Parade down main street
DAY 5 - She lasted until just after the fireworks then crashed lol
DAY 5 - My Magic Kingdom souvenirs
DAY 6 - Resort pet and apparently it's only a baby
DAY 6 - cute little gecko at the resort pool
DAY 6 - view of the apartment from the other side of the resorts lake
DAY 7 - On the way home to the snow

NOTE: This is just a very basic edit of my trip and some of the photos were also used in my 365 challenge.


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