Tuesday 21 April 2015

April Weddings 2015

So this April I did something I've never done before, twice.
I was the main photographer at two weddings.
Luckily both were family weddings so there didn't seem to be as much pressure, or maybe it was that there was more support around.

NOTE: This is just a selection of photos I took, not the full edit.  I also had permission from both couples to post.

Wedding #1 - Outdoor garden wedding in Pittsburgh (Mel and Sarah)
I took photos of some of the "getting ready" activity along with the ceremony, family and friends and the post-ceremony shin-dig.

Wedding #2 - Church wedding in Newfoundland - Wince and Ruby
I photographed the ceremony with specific limitations (entry down the aisle, rings, kiss, registry and man and wife).  I also had just over 30 minutes to do all the couples requested family photos before getting a break between that and the reception.

I now understand why it takes wedding photographers a few weeks to get all the photos edited.  I tried to do it in one day and then shared them with family/friends via dropbox.

I learned a lot and have a better appreciation for my work.


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