Sunday, 31 January 2016

A visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature with a five-year old

Spend a lazy, wet Sunday afternoon with by best friend and her five-year old daughter wandering the halls of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Lisa had already checked out a museum admission pass from her local (Ottawa area) library so we just paid for the special exhibit and parking.

We started in the Animalium section to visit Nature Trade. It's a cool program where kids register online and then collect and trade specimens found in nature, gather information about it and then trade it into the museum.  It's interesting because the kids can even get points for what they know about the item and are able to share with the volunteers.

Bee traded in four items: a sand stone, some mica, a butter nut, and a crow feather.
(For more info go to
This bugs name is right on the nose - it's a stick bug
Little stick bugs

She picked out a peacock feather and an ammonite with her trade points
Next we headed to the special exhibition, which is running until March 28, is called Bugs: Outside the Box.  It includes large scale sculptures of a variety of bugs, butterfly along with some interactive games and displays.

A bugs eye view

Next it was off to learn about the dinosaurs

I liked the shadows that the bones created

After hanging out with the dinos we went to the mammal and the water gallery before heading home.

Overall it was a fun afternoon.

'Moose' to see you again


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