Sunday, 9 July 2017

P!nk at Ottawa Bluesfest – July 9

This was a wild, weird and wonderful adventure.

The drive from Kingston to downtown Ottawa saw us going through almost every weather condition; from the sun, wind, torrential rain and more.

Finding parking was okay. I'm really glad I packed two plastic rain coats, a pair of pants and an extra pair of socks as we ended up needing them all.

Got my souvenirs early and grabbed food before setting up on the field to wait for P!nk.  Once the sun went down the crowds started to gather, and push.  It got annoying when [young] people, who showed up a few mins before the show, tried to push their way past us to get closer. Like the group of people around us [mostly over the age of 20] who got there early always love to get pushed around and don't mind having our view blocked at the last minute.... vent over.

Seeing P!nk was on my bucket list and I'd love to see her again because she puts on an AMAZING show, maybe next time indoors :)

I'm so glad I got to share this with one of my best friends :D

But after all that.... only minutes from the car, after walking over 20mins from the venue, a car drove through a puddle and splashed us.

with Dallas Green (City and Colour) 


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