Tuesday 4 September 2012

Orientation Fall 2012 (year two)

Sept. 4, 2012 is the beginning of my last year at Loyalist in the Photojournalism program.

Orientation day started much smoother than last year.  No strike lines to deal with, no waiting in line for 2+ hours to get things done, etc.

AND, it was so great to see everyone again (and find out who wasn't returning).  There are sooo many 1st years that we're going to be getting assigned at least two to mentor during the year.

It's kinda sad to think that this is the last time that Frank will 'toss' knowledge in my general direction but I'm looking forward to the year and seeing how far I can push myself to becoming a better photojournalist.  Oh, and getting a job in the field :)

Imparting of Knowledge
2012-2013 Photojournalism program (1st and 2nd years with teachers)
(l-r) Me, Myraim and Jessica sporting our new photoj toques

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