Sunday, 23 September 2012

Three sports in two days

This weekend I had a goal.  To shoot sports and lots of it.

I had an assignment due Sunday at 6pm.  I needed to submit my best Sports Action shot.  It had to be a competitive game (no exhibitions) and a competitive league (no campus rec).  The picture had to include at least one member from each team at peak action.  AND it must be shot between Sept 17th and 23rd.

So I shot:
Friday - OHL hockey (Kingston Frontenac vs Barrie Colts)
Saturday - OCAA Women's Rugby (Loyalist Lancers vs SLC Vikings)
Saturday - OCAA Men's Rugby (Trent Excalibur vs SLC Vikings)
Sunday - OUA Men's Baseball (U of T Blues vs Queens Gaels)

I was lucky enough to borrow a lens from school (Nikon 300mm f2.8) and rent another from Headshots through Henrys (70-200mm f2.8).  Boy did I look ready for the part.

Things I learned:
1 - Get there early (which I already knew but overslept).  Others will take advantage of your loss (and get the last media pass).

2 - When in doubt, ask.  I'd never even seen a rugby game before so I didn't even know where to point my considerable lens.  Luckily, some fellow photoj's and fans were nice enough to give me the run down of the basics.

3 - If the rhythm of the game is too fast - move up and/or back.  A bit of distance will help slow things down.  Watching the women's rugby game certainly helped me with trying to shoot the faster paced men's game.

4 - Lots of gear means you're gonna get tired of carrying it.  Next time I might just use the 70-200. 

5 - You won't melt in the rain.  Be prepared for changes in the weather by dressing in layers, bring plastic to cover the lens, a towel to help keep it dry and a sense of humour cause you might end up looking like a drowned rat.

6 - Stay with the action but keep moving.  When the whistle blows it doesn't mean the action has stopped.  Try different angles (near the ground, from the top of the bleachers, at the side, from the endzone, etc).  One of the things they teach us is to own your frame.  It's hard in sports because the action is fast but practice will help fine tune your reflexes.

7 - HAVE FUN!!!!!!  It will show in your work.

Fruits of my labour.



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