Saturday 22 September 2012

From behind the camera

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been the one behind the camera.  

May 2011 - Briyanna Wilberforce in her mothers arms
At family gatherings, holidays, school trips, community and theatre events I was the one who made sure that it was photographed.  My friends joke that I'd shoot anything, even food.

I love the visual history it creates and the stories that can be told through just watching, listening and shooting what you see around you.

When I was in high school I was amazed that one of my course options was photography, where I got to learn and play with a camera, for school credit.  My high school graduation present was a new Pentax 35mm camera.  It was my pride and joy for many years.   

In college I had my first taste of photojournalism.  Through a weird series of events I ended up on a bus that passed right by a car on fire (my first spot news) and "click, click" I shot it.  If only I knew to submit it to the local paper, lessons learned.

1996 - Car on fire at Canada Trust on Bath Rd, Kingston.
 After school I continued shooting holidays, friends and family.  I joined a local theatre group and expanded my portfolio by telling the stories from "behind the scenes" and at rehearsals.

April 2007 - Our Town director Wayne Goodyer discusses the scene with his leading lady, Maggie Zatterberg.
 It has gotten to the point that people have just stop bringing their cameras if they know I’ll be there.  I love to photograph people, places, events, animals and even things, as they happen.  To tell someones story or to just help develop a visual support system for my memories.

Julia McKay

Freelance Photographer
2nd year Photojournalism Student Loyalist College


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