Monday 15 April 2013

Internship with the Whig Standard - Day One

I promise I'm not going to have a post for EVERY day I'm on internship but I figured I'd at least start with day one and go from there.

I showed up at 9 a.m. and got the office/building tour and then headed out right to a press conference.  I was just a shooter for this event.

Next I was sent out (on my own) to do an EVP for a food article and to find a weather feature.  With the EVP, the location was a bit challenging because of the window reflections and some of the room angles but I got a few good shots.  I was soooo hungry by the time I left.

For the weather feature I drove around downtown and just looked around, trying to see what caught my eye that was out of the ordinary.  I came across a guy sweeping a parking lot with a broom and dustpan but he declined to have his picture taken.  Next I went down along the waterfront and came across some people hanging out on the docks.  With it being the first day of sun and with the water so calm I got a few great shots using the reflections, dock shapes and sunbathers.

Just before heading out I was tasked to get a creative shot at one of the local soccer fields showing the closed sign with people using the field.

FINALLY - in amongst my excitement of "working for a paper" I watched along with the world as the Boston Marathon was brutally attacked.  It was interesting to see it from the perspective of a newsroom.  The room was very quiet for quite awhile - everyone watching the tvs and then the question of "do we know anyone who was there?" came up.  Phone calls and texts went out and it was confirmed that at least 10-15 Kingston area people were in Boston either running or watching the Marathon.  By the time I headed out for the day two reporters were speaking to a few different local people who were there.

I hope tomorrow isn't quiet as dramatic.


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