Sunday, 10 March 2013

Notable Canadian

Hanshi Ken Tallack

The main assignment for Staff Class is the 'Notable Canadian'.  It was given out at the beginning of the semester and we had till mid-March to submit our final print.  Its purpose is to give students a chance to experience what it's like dealing with agents/gatekeepers, scheduling, celebrity, being star stuck and directing/managing someone under time restraints and

The subject needs to have at least a municipal recognition, if not more. 

I had a few others possibilities lined up but they all fell through.  Luckily, while shooting at an event as a freelancer I met Hanshi Ken Tallack.

I found scheduling the photo session very smooth.  I arranged to meet him at his karate studio.  Unfortunately I didn't have a clear approach in mind as to what I wanted.  So, night before I looked through and other websites to get a feel for possible angles, styles, lighting and to just get an idea about different ways to shoot karate.

With the help of beautiful window light, a patient and relaxed subject, and a very tall ladder, I was able to get the shot.

Here are my top shots:

KINGSTON, Ont. (06/03/2013) – Hanshi Ken Tallack, 57, instructor and owner of Tallack Martial Arts, is recognized for being the first to introduce the martial arts style of Goju Ryu Meibukan karate to Canada. Tallack has also published multiple books on the subject, including a teaching syllabus of the entire martial art style. Photo by Julia McKay


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