Friday, 8 March 2013

The Pioneer - Week Four

This week was my final shift on The Pioneer.  It was a bit tricky because our section had our story meeting on Thursday (Feb 21), came in to work on Friday and then was off for Reading Week.  It was hard to get everyone back into the swing of things on Monday (Mar 4) after a week off.

That's why I took on the streeter assignment.  I wanted to get something accomplished that first Friday. 

My first story was about the Belleville Theatre Guilds special event: Victorian Fashion Show and High Tea.  I really enjoyed the covering this event and took on the extra challenge of producing a multimedia piece as well as the story and photos.  I went to the rehearsal on Saturday to get a feel for the event, scope out the location and get the cast/crew comfortable with me being around so I'd be able to shoot around without being in the way.

The editors decided to hold that story until the Thursday edition so I didn't have anything published in the Tuesday edition.

My other story started out as a piece on internships/placements but got changed to cover Daylight Saving (which is this Sunday).

Lastly, on Thursday I got assigned to interview Tim Hadley, a local bass player who toured/played with Stompin' Tom Connors.  I got assigned the story at 10am, did the interview just after 11am (a classmate took the photo) and had it written/edited by 3:30 for deadline.  I was surprised to find out that the recording of my interview was good enough to make a podcast for QNet.  I hadn't written a story with such a tight deadline before and am glad I did.  It's not as scary as I thought it would be.

Overall this was a great end to my time on The Pioneer.  I can easily see myself doing this kind of work in the future. 

Op/Ed: Streeter
Article: Victorian Fashion Show (plus pics & multimedia)
Photo: Rotaracts help fight Polio 
Article: Daylight Savings (no photo)
Article: Stompin' Tom Connors (photo by a classmate)

Pioneer Edition - Mar 7th, 2013
QNet News Community (including podcast)
Multimedia on QNet News Vimeo

Story by Julia McKay - Photo by Richard Barclay
Story by Natalie McMullen - Photo by Julia McKay



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